Darwin Or Christ…..Choose Today! !

Posted by peter - March 21st, 2011

Lee Strobel, veteran-journalist, former-atheist and now
award-winning, bestselling author of such books as ‘The Case
For A Creator’, ‘The Case For Christ’, ‘The Case For The Real
Jesus’ and ‘The Case For Faith’, has investigated the life and teachings of Jesus with the assistance of some of the top-scholars from various fields and has come up with the following conclusions:

Principle investigated
1. Can the biographies of JESUS be trusted? YES
2. Do the biographies of JESUS stand up to scrutiny YES
3. Were JESUS’ biographies reliably reserved for us? YES
4. Is there credible evidence for JESUS outside His biographies? YES
5. Does archaeology confirm JESUS’ biographies? YES
6. Is the JESUS of history the same as the Jesus of faith? YES
7. Was JESUS really convinced that He was the Son of GOD? YES
8. Was JESUS sane when He claimed to be the Son of GOD? YES
9. Did JESUS fulfil the attributes of GOD? YES
10. Did JESUS (and JESUS alone) match the identity of the Messiah? YES
11. Was the death and resurrection of JESUS a real fact of history? YES
12. Was JESUS’ body really absent from His tomb? YES
13. Was JESUS seen alive after His death on the cross? YES
14. Are there any supporting facts that point to the resurrection of JESUS? YES
15. Has the collection of evidence (about the resurrection of JESUS) really been thorough? YES

P.S. Who would you like to be at your bedside when you die … Jesus Christ or Charles Darwin? The answer is simple: The one with the most impressive Résumé or CV [Curriculum Vitae]: Jesus Christ