Slaying of the Lamb

The Slaying of the Lamb

                         Quote from the book of Warren Litzman “ My final notes on the final Gospel”

There is another important portion of Scripture that must be put into the human mind before Christianity can ever be understood. It may seem that I be labor this point, but a believer without this understanding can never be a completed Christian.

This portion of Scripture is found in 1Peter, chapter 1,verses 18-20. Several things are mentioned in these verses, but the most important is the fact that the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. This means that the Father had already worked out His plan perfectly before He created the world or humans.

Along with the verse of Scripture found in Ephesians 1:4 and the verses in Peter's epistle,we have the only known verses that spell out the Father's plan before creation.As a result of this, any student of the Scriptures can plainly see that the whole of the plan of God hangs on these two facts.The human is placed in Christ the moment he believes on Christ as his Savior.

He now has another life other than his own living in him. God makes all of this possible through the offering of His only Son at Calvary, which is His personal sacrifice to acquire the kind of sons He wants in His house. Now, two thousand years later,most of humanity still does not know why Jesus died such a horrible death. Sadly,most in the Christian religion and most people in the world do not know that this was the initial part of God's plan to get His own birthed sons.

Some people blame the death of Jesus on the Jews, some blame it on. The Romans and some say it never even happened. Even some Christians still wonder why Christ died such a horrible death.

Some have even turned away from Christ as their Savior because of their inability to understand the crucifixion. When God slew the Lamb, Jesus, before the foundation of the world was laid, did He plan such a horrible death for Christ? Yes! Why would He do this? What did He know that many believers and sinful humanity have not yet figured out?

It is all based on the fact that the creatures He created were unable to come to His kind of love. What is the problem? Sin is the problem.The crucifixion of Christ proves two things about God's love and sin. First, the horrible death of Christ shows the horrific aspects of sin. The scourging, the holes punched in His head, the nails in His hands and feet, and all of the mental suffering He went through were to show humanity the grossness, power and effrontery to God that human sin is.

Second, without the crucifixion there would have been no way a just God could have taken care of sin. The strongest truth that brings an end to sin and the law is the shed blood of Jesus. Hebrews 9:22 is the strongest reason why Christ suffered so greatly and shed blood so profusely. His death and shed blood clearly showed what it took to save a sinner and bring a lover to God.

John 3:16 clearly speaks of God's love. Calvary and the believer's death with Christ on the cross is the way believers return that love to God. Christianity must be understood in the light of God paying the price in the sacrifice of Christ at the Cross in order that Christ might return to Him the kind of love that He gave.