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Why  Don’’t  Churches  Preach  The Revelation  of  Yahshua  Messiah?? - Continual                


Third, churches will not preach the revelation of Messiah until they are ready to proclaim the message of Messiah as the end-time truth. For the 50 years I have been preaching, I have witnessed at least three major movements, all of which were declared to have the end-time truth. In 1947, the New Order of the Latter Rain felt they had the end-time truth. In 1949, I—along with several others— began preaching that the mass healing revivals and the message of healing was the end-time truth. In 1959, the Charismatic Revival (the outpouring of the Holy Spirit among denominational churches) was said to be the end-time message which would bring the body of Messiah together. While it is obvious that all three of these major moves of the Spirit in our generation are a part of the total plan of Yahweh for this age, and while it is true that each distinctive message   important (for each of these moves was progressively leading us to the end-time truth), it must be stated positively that not any one, nor all put together, constitutes the total end-time message. The true end-time message must be Yahshua.

It must not be what He can do, or how much He can do for us, but rather who He is. The plan of Yahweh began with the Lamb of Yahweh slain from the foundation of the world. The end of the record in Revelation shows Yahshua once again as the Lamb in the Holy City. The plan of Yahweh began with Messiah, and ends with Messiah .These are indeed the last days and the Yahshua is bringing a last-day movement to the forefront. That movement, however, must not and cannot major in anything that man does, but rather it must major in who Yahweh is and what Yahweh does. The end-time message must not just be what Yahweh can do for man, but rather how man can become pleasing to Yahweh. It is here that the true gospel must come in. That gospel is Yahshua. We must preach Messiah, not just about Messiah. We must tell men that Messiah is their life, not just that Yahweh  gives them life. The bride is truly being gathered together. The true Church is being made up now. The center, however, is neither man nor his ministries or gifts; rather, it is Yahshua. We are not out of bounds scripturally when we preach that Messiah is the answer. Let us not fail to preach Messiah and to advocate the living of the Messiah-life, for it is the only hope of this generation. The greatest move now taking place on earth is this move of Messiah-centered believers preaching and teaching that Yahshua is our life.                                                                       

Fourth, gospel churches cannot preach the fullness of Messiah through divine revelation until Yahweh’s time comes. The epistles show us that neither Paul nor any other believer entered into a fullness of Messiah until Yahweh’s time took place (Gal. 4:2, 4; John 12:23–24). Even though Yahweh must control the time element of those who enter into the deeper life, no one is restricted from hearing the truth. America, today, is not without a witness of this gospel. Our ministry comprises only a small percentage of those spiritually led and taught in the truth of divine revelation, and yet the  has helped us to reach around the world and bring the message of life to many hundreds. Through radio, audio and video  tapes, numerous Messiah-life conferences, and various other kinds of literature such as books, we are spreading this message. Sad to say, many churches have ceased to have a message and are drying up or are already dead. These churches are afraid of the stigma of having the message because they fear criticism or ostracism from carnal church circles, thus multitudes are left without a witness of the true gospel. We can know, however, that the true gospel is Messiah, not a gospel about Him, but the gospel of Him (1 John 1:5).Yahweh grant “that the Yahweh of our Yahshua Messiah, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.”