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1. Jesus Christ. He is what the Bible is all about (John 5:39). He is what the true Gospel is all about (Rom 1:16, Rom 16:25,Gal 1:6-7). He is what everything in the universe and everything in heaven is all about (Col 1:16, Eph 1:10). If you are a believer – a true Christian – He is your Life, and He is your only Life (John 3:36, 1 John 5:1, 1 John 1:1,2).

He died for you. He did that not only that your sins might be forgiven. He gave up His life so that He could be resurrected  and so that He can live in and through you (2 Cor 4:10, Gal 2:20). You are actually saved by His Life – His Life that is in you, if you believe in Him (Rom 5:10).

This is the great mystery the Apostle Paul speaks about – the mystery that was hidden since the foundation of the world (Rom 16:25, 26). That mystery is about Christ dwelling in you and in every believer since the day of Pentecost (Col 1:26, 27), whereby you acquire Gods nature (2 Pet 1:4). And the Bible says He who is in you, is greater than anything in the world (1 John 4:4).

If you are hungry to learn more of these deep things of Christ, we are confident that you will find the articles on this web page both illuminating and liberating. If you can read Afrikaans, we suggest that you take a look at the Afrikaans folders as well, as it contains material that do not appear in the English folder.



       2. Important concepts

        2.1 Ordained before or since the foundation of the word

        2.2 Death before there can be life

        2.3 Christ, the Lamb

        2.4 The Cross

        2.5 The birthing

        2.6 The mystery revealed to Paul

        2.7 Christ in us and we in Christ

        2.8 Rest in Christ

        2.9 Getting to know Christ

        2.10 To let Christ be expressed.

        3. New Articles

        1. Do You Believed Your Bible    

        2. Jesus Came Down From Heaven|Really?

        3. John 3:13 - No one has ascended into heaven...  

        4. Who is “The I Am” John 8:24

        5. My Lord and my God!, Trinity Debunked in John 20:28

Forgiveness is the Father’s Pathway

to the Sinner’s Heart

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The Principles of the Birthing and the Christ-Life.

Gone to the Dogs.

The Time Element in Revelation.

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A Journal of Grace

and the in-Christ Message

In this issue:

The Ultimate Purpose of God.

The Principles of the Birthing and the Christ-Life.

Gone To The Dogs.

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Soul Winning: Our Theme for this Issue

Other Topics:

Gone To The Dogs.

The Principles of the Birthing and the Christ-Life.

You Think You Are Having Hard Time?.

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Do You Believed Your Bible

Jesus Came Down From Heaven|Really?

John 3:13 - No one has ascended into heaven...

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